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Advising Process

As a student in the Criminal Justice Sciences department, you play a major role in having a successful relationship with your advisor.

  • What to Expect from Your Advisor

    Your academic advisor will:

    • Help you develop and clarify your educational goals
    • Develop an educational plan and post-graduate goals
    • Provide information about policies, resources, and programs
    • Refer you to campus resources
    • Encourage and nurture your educational growth and development
  • What's Expected of You

    You are ultimately responsible for your decisions and actions. You are also responsible for knowing and fulfilling all requirements from the University, college, and department. If you ever need assistance, ask your advisor for help and guidance.

    When it comes to advising, you are expected to:

    • Schedule and attend an Academic Advising Session each semester
    • Continually review and monitor your progress toward your degree
    • Seek advisement and assistance when you experience academic or personal difficulty
    • Maintain your own personal academic records, including the catalog you were admitted under, transcripts, transfer credits, etc.