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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Your academic advisor provides resources, guidance, and support along your academic journey. Our professionals will help you explore, define, and develop an educational plan so you can achieve your goals.

Learn More About the Advising Process

Academic Advisors

Individual appointments are determined on a case-by-case basis. Most students will need to use Drop-ins.

Academic Advising Sessions

All CJS Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors must attend an Academic Advising Session each semester. The session you register for depends on the number of credit hours you have completed - so you'll go by the number of hours you completed at the end of last semester, not including classes for the current semester.

Academic Advising Sessions will start later in fall 2022.

Drop-in Advising

Drop-ins are for questions about your current schedule, swapping or dropping classes, personal issues, military obligations, or if you have follow-up questions after you attended an Academic Advising Session, etc. Drop-ins are not for future course planning.

Summer 2022

No Drop-In Advising. If you need to speak with your advisor and she doesn't have any individual appointments available, sent her an email and ask to set up an appointment. Be sure to let her know what you need to talk about!

If you sign in more than 5 minutes early or during a time when there are no drop-ins, your sign in will be canceled. You'll have to sign in again during the posted times.

Read these instructions before you click the queue link:

  • Click "Sign in for your appointment!"
  • Log in
  • Select your Program
    • CJS In-person Drop-in Advising
    • CJS Virtual Drop-in Advising
  • Select your advisor
  • Finish sign-in

If you are coming for in-person drop-in advising, you can also check in with Jenny in SCH 441B.

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Find Information in

Many of your questions about your academic journey can be found by logging into your account and viewing the Student Center. Information located here includes:

  • Scheduling classes
  • Required hours for graduation
  • General education requirements
  • Criminal Justice Sciences elective requirements
  • Class registration, including when to register and reasons you might not be able to register


  • University Catalog

    Get degree and program requirements from the official catalog.

  • Course Override Request

    Request permission to enroll in a class. Course override requests can be found in the Academics section of your account.

  • Transfer Credit

    Visit the Registrar's website to find information about transfer credit.