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Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association (CJGSA)

All graduate students, enrolled part time or full time in the Department of Criminal Justice Sciences (CJS) at Illinois State University (ISU) are encouraged to become members of the Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association (CJGSA). CJGSA is the official Registered Student Organization (RSO) for graduate students under the CJS Department at ISU. Members are expected to participate in and benefit from a host of academic and extra-academic activities which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lasting collegiality among CJS graduate students.
  • Representation of CJS graduate students in activities of the CJS and other ISU agencies.
  • Promoting and fostering a cooperative learning environment.
  • Professional development to enhance employability and job success.
  • Regular programs in forms of brown bag seminars and symposiums with experts and guest speakers.

Join now and enjoy these benefits

  • Effective faculty-student collaboration.
  • Continued leadership orientation.
  • Make contacts with professionals.
  • Build fellowship with other CJS graduate students.
  • Receive counsel for job or PhD preparation.
  • Take active part in varied activities of the CJS Department.

To become a member, visit the CJGSA profile at and apply. You will need to bring a $10 check or money order (for entire year- Fall and Spring semesters) to the next meeting. No cash will be accepted. 100% of member fees go to the Association to benefit its members.

  • Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association Executive Board

    President: Selimul Quader
    Vice President: Madi Henness
    Treasurer: Kimberly Ingold
    Secretary: Shamim Pia

    CJGSA fall 2023
    Left to right: Shamim Pia, Selimul Quader, Dr. Chris Brewer (faculty advisor), Kimberly Ingold, Madi Henness