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Dr. Ralph Weisheit

Distinguished Professor
Criminal Justice Sciences
Schroeder Hall - SCH 430
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Dr. Ralph A. Weisheit is a Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice at Illinois State University. He is the author of eight books, including Methamphetamine: Its History, Pharmacology, and Treatment (co-authored with William L. White), and Domestic Marijuana: A Neglected Industry. In addition to his research on illicit drugs, Dr. Weisheit has conducted extensive research on rural crime and rural justice. He has published more than 40 journal articles, and numerous book chapters and solicited essays.

Current Courses

216.001Criminal Justice Ethics

102.002Individuals, Society, And Justice

Teaching Interests & Areas

I very much enjoy teaching our freshman-level course on general justice because it covers a wide-ranging area beyond traditional criminal justice. It includes such topics as contemporary slavery, contemporary genocide, the use of child soldiers, and the link between justice and the environment -- to name only a few. I also very much enjoy teaching an upper-level course on alcohol, drugs and crime.

Research Interests & Areas

I have conducted research in a number of areas, however, there are two primary areas of research interest:
(1) the link between substance abuse and crime
(2) rural crime and justice.

Ph D Sociology

Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

MA Criminology

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana

BA Forensic Studies

Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

Distinguished Professor

Illinois State University

Academy Fellow

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Outstanding University Researcher

Illinois State University

Outstanding College Researcher


Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University

Book Review

Weisheit, R. Review of "The Methamphetamine Industry in America.". Criminal Law and Justice Books (2015)
Weisheit, R. Meth Mania: A History of Methamphetamine. Leah E. Daigle (EDs). Criminal Justice Review 39.3 (2014): 340-342.
Weisheit, R. Locating Crime in Context and Place: Perspectives on Regional, Rural and Remote Australia. Rural Society/Taylor & Francis

Book, Authored

Weisheit, R., & Morn, F. Pursuing Justice: Traditional and Contemporary Issues in Our Communities and the World. Anderson Publishing (2014): 248.

Book, Chapter

Weisheit, R., & Shukla, R. Meth (Mis)Understandings. Handbook of Deviance. Routledge (2017)
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Barclay, E., Weisheit, R., & Donnermeyer, J. Crime in Rural and Agricultural Areas. Anne Dellinger (EDs), The Oxford Handbook on Criminology and Criminal Justice. Oxford University Press

Journal Article

Wells, L., & Weisheit, R. A Comparison of Criminological and Public Health Models: Geographic and Social Diversity Associated with Methamphetamine Laboratory Seizures. Wesley Jennings (EDs). The American Joural of Criminal Justice 39.1 (2014): 1-21.
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Weisheit, R., & Wells, L. Explaining Crime in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Communities. Joseph Donnermeyer (EDs). The International Journal of Rural Criminology 1.2 (2012): 153-183.
Wells, L., & Weisheit, R. Crime and Place: Proximity and the Location of Methamphetamine Laboratories. Journal of Drug Issues 42.2 (2012): 178-196.
Weisheit, R. Rural Crime from a Global Perspective. Joseph Donnermeyer (EDs). The International Journal of Rural Criminology


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Grants & Contracts

Federal Methamphetamine Initiative. Commuity Oriented Policing Program. Federal. (2009)