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Online Appointment System



Academic Advisement:

Individual Meetings

  • Unless they fall into one of the below categories, students must attend an Experience Session prior to requesting an individual meeting. 
    • One-on-one meetings during the Advising Period will be limited to those students who are experiencing complex advising issues, such as being on academic probation, eligibility for the internship, concerns about progress in a specific course, personal issues that are affecting academic performance, military deployment, or study abroad.

Please call 309-438-7626 to schedule an individual advisement appointment.

Advisement for summer or fall and long-term planning for graduation will take place during the Advising Period in February.  See below to schedule an Experience Session.


Internship Advisement:

Individual meetings with the internship coordinator will be those that focus on specific issues regarding an internship, such as legal issues that may restrict placement.

There will be walk-in hours for students who are currently applying for Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 internships on the following dates:

Friday, February 20 - 8:30-9:30am
Monday, February 23 - 2-3pm
Tuesday, February 24 - 10-11am
Thursday, February 26 - 8:30-9:30am

Please check in with Jenny in SCH 442 when you arrive for your walk-in appointment. Call 309-438-7626 to schedule an individual internship advisement appointment.



Experience Sessions

In an attempt to optimally organize staff to serve the size of the student population, the Department will advise students about academic planning, internships, and career planning in one-hour group sessions, or "Experience Sessions". Experience Sessions will take place during a designated time period called the Advising Period. Multiple sessions will be offered, but each student only needs to attend one session per semester.  Sessions will be facilitated by an advisor and the internship coordinator.   Students are advised to attend the session for which they schedule. Not attending a session takes away a space from another student who could have attended.  Remember, time is valuable for both students and staff. 


  • During a session, staff and students will interact with each other and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification about their plans and expectations.
  • Students will leave the session prepared to register for summer and fall classes and with a plan for the internship and graduation. 
  • Students will gain proficiency in using their Progress Towards My Degree to self-monitor their status towards graduation. 

Click here to make an appointment if you are a Sophomore with 24-59 completed hours.

Click here to make an appointment if you are a Junior with 60-89 completed hours.

Click here to make an appointment if you are a Senior with 90 or more completed hours.


If you have questions about our new appointment procedure, please call 309-438-7626 or email


Summer 2015 Course Offerings

CJS will be offering courses that will work towards your CJS major or minor in Summer 2015. Click here to see the online and on-campus classes that will satisfy core or elective requirements. You can also go to the University's Summer Session website to view course offerings from other departments.

Events Calendar

Social Work Day 2015-Poverty: A Private Trouble or Public Issue?
Fri, March 27, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Alumni Center - attendance is free but CEUs will be $40

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